Kris Capra

Kris Capra was born in the United States and raised in Paris, Munich and Berlin. She studied languages at both the Goethe Institute in Bad Reichenhall and The University of Munich in Germany and the Alliance Francaise in Paris.

She began her career as a songwriter and has 104 songs produced on labels such as: CBS, WEA, HANSA RECORDS and ARIOLA. She wrote songs for foreign motion pictures and television.

Kris returned to the United States in 1982 and began to work as a Production Manager and Producer on foreign films for networks such as ZDF and ARD in Germany. She produced 77 documentary films for foreign television.

As Kris traveled the world, it wasn’t just a love for music and film that interested her. She also had another passion, FOOD. As a child, Kris was raised in a very big Italian family and food was always very important. She learned at an early age to stand in the kitchen with her grandmother and great grandmother and watch them create culinary magic as the platters of sausage and peppers, meatballs, calamari and stuffed veal rolled out of the kitchen for all to enjoy. Only the freshest ingredients were used, artichokes, eggplant, imported cheeses, homemade bread and Uncle Bud’s cracked olives. It was always a feast and the best cooking school in the world.

Kris’ father was a film producer in Europe, but also one of the greatest chefs she has ever known. When they traveled together they made it a point to taste everything on the menu as they secretly wrote down what they believed the ingredients in the dishes were so they could go home and create them. It seemed to work. They made everything from Bouillabaisse to Wiener Schnitzel to good old American Southern Fried Chicken with mashed potatoes and country gravy. Although her roots are definitely in the Italian cuisine, Kris has learned to prepare dishes from all over the world and truly appreciates the opportunities and experiences she had getting to know food while living in Europe.

Kris’ husband Tom, an Emmy Award Winning television producer, is the executive producer of “EASYWAY GOURMET WITH KRIS CAPRA” and is the son of Academy Award Winning Director Frank Capra.

Easyway Gourmet has had a successful run on PBS across America. But now Kris wants to bring affordable, easy cooking to you by way of YouTube. She calls it "Easyway Gourmet Back to Basics."

Kris says, "I see how the economy has effected every person in the country. I want to help you make better decisions about food. I love the idea of also being on YouTube. I don't need any sponsors, and there are no paid endorsements. I can honestly tell you which product I prefer, which stores I shop at and where I think you can get the best deals.

No frills, no fussing, no holds barred, not even a hairstylist. Just plain old honest cooking."



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