The kitchen has always been the heart of my home. I remember well the kitchen at my great grandmother’s house, my Big Nana. It was the biggest room in the entire house. Everyone wanted to be in the kitchen. We sat around at the table and watched a dozen beautiful hands prepare meals that were unmistakably “gourmet”.

My father, who was also a great cook, played the accordion and Uncle Lou played the guitar and we sang and we danced and we laughed. There was never a doubt that the kitchen was filled with love.

The theme song for my show is called LOVE IS, which you can hear playing in the background. It best tells the story of what food means to me.  It isn’t just the great tastes that I create, it is the feeling of happiness that I get when I am standing in the kitchen next to my husband or sisters or brother or cousins, everyone bringing their best to the table.

As my father always said, ”Don’t just cook with your head, learn to cook with your heart, because Love Is the spice of life”.

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